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These are some of the super-powers TribeScale will provide for your team.


Reduce the time you dedicate to meetings, avoid interruptions and keep your team focused on what really matters.


Promote transparency, make your team feel part of the tribe and improve your company’s culture.


Participate in important conversations where and when you want. Master your schedule again!


Sync your whole team fast and easily to reach goals faster. An aligned team is a happy team!

“We created TribeScale by closely studying how the most successful teams at Google, Tesla, Facebook or Virgin work. TribeScale is financed and supported by the founders of some of the fastest growing companies like Trivago, AutoScout24, Consors and Interhyp.”

Alexis Roqué

COO & Co-founder

effective team communication tribescale
effective team communication tribescale

Structured communication

With TribeScale’s structured conversations, all communication from your team will be aligned based on tribes and themes. Two levels of organization are available to avoid information loss and to promote effective communication about relevant issues.

Auto-pilot management

Create recurring questions that will allow you to obtain information and necessary data to be aware of the team’s advances and help improve it.

Autopilot management tribescale
internal communication tribescale
Task management tribescale
Goal tracking tribescale

Result oriented

It’s not all talk; TribeScale helps you define tasks, make decisions and work towards common goals. With TribeScale you can turn your words into actions, making your communication more effective.


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