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Winning Worlds Casino Review and Togel Hongkong


Main Review

Bottom Line

Like their sister sites Goldrush and King Tut’s Casino, Winning Worlds is very well done professionally, and their game odds are some of the best in the business. Winning Worlds offers a smaller selection of games compared to their sister sites. I gave Winning Worlds a rating of 4.25 chips. The game odds are identical to their sister sites, but they could add some more Video Poker machines and maybe some more table games.


Winning Worlds Casino and Sportsbook, based in Costa Rica offers both online casino and sportsbook services. For the purposes of this review, I have only reviewed the casino portion of their website. Winning Worlds is owned by the same group which also owns Goldrush Online Casino and King Tut’s Casino, so the reviews are similar. They have tried to give you the feel that you’re on some type of space station casino. As a sci-fi fan, I like this. I was playing in fun mode, not for real money, but you are connected to the server in this mode.

They have a lot of nice links to subjects such as “what’s new”, “how it works”, “customer care” etc. A lot of sites need to expand their web pages to give as much info to potential customers as they can. New users always have lots of initial questions as to the general runnings of a new online casino they want to try. I’m glad that Winning Worlds has done a good job in this respect. Customer service phone numbers and e-mail addresses are conveniently spotted on several of their pages.

Money Matters

Winning Worlds is currently offering new Togel Hongkong members $35 in bonus chip if they open a new account to play for real money. (3/28/00). They are also offering $25 in free chips if you refer a friend to their site who also opens an account with a minimum deposite of $50. Winning Worlds offers deposite options of Visa, Master Card, check, and money wire. Winning Worlds also offers an Astronaut’s Elite Club. This is like their sister sites where you get a point for every $25 you wager, and those add up for free chips, prizes, and other bonuses.


The gaming software for Winning Worlds is from MicroGaming Systems, and is the same as Winning Worlds sister sites: Goldrush Online and King Tut’s Casino. Download size is 2.9 Megs. They only offer 10 games, unlike their sister sites which offer 20. But they are still done very well, and have the nice touches giving you the space station feel. Between the excellent graphics and decent payouts the games provides, I got a feel that I was at a very reputable online casino. There’s a few games I wish would play faster, but I usually prefer a very quick interface.

The 10 games they offer are 2 versions of Blackjack, 5 Slot Machines, Craps, Roulette, and a Jacks or Better Video Poker machine. I’ll go into more detail on each game below.



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