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Bonus Hunting, Bonus Hopping but far better known as Bonus Whoring, ugly sounding, but – all mean the same thing – chasing the judi online sites that have the best – best meaning largest – poker deposit bonus – initial and reload poker bonus. How could I run a poker advice site, address poker strategy and Building Poker Bankrolls and not address this topic. I am in the process of doing this now and have taken notes on what I did wrong and how correct it. This is not playing to win hands – it is about clearing the deposit bonus as quickly as you can, cashing out and moving to the next poker site to Poker Whore. Know BEFORE you deposit the following how many raked hands it takes to clear the bonus, how is the bonus cleared, lump sum or incrementally as you pay the raked hands, what does the POKER SITE define as a raked hand. The best are the incremental play out – that way if you do not like the site, you can cash out and move on. The raked hand definition can very anywhere from “Any hands that you were dealt cards – including micro tables $ .02 / $ .04 “ or “ Any poker hand in which you were dealt cards and the house takes $.25 in rake – that is $5.00 on most internet poker tables “ You want to play Limit Poker Table ( s ) 2 or three at a time – you are not using any fancy poker tricks or poker strategies – the “ Building a Bankroll ” will serve as a guild for starting hands and table position – you will be playing you cards on several tables at a time – not studying the poker table – not taking notes, you are generating raked poker hands and trying not to lose money. My current Venture is on InterPoker $90 form a 100% Matching bonus – 900 raked hands or “ Any poker hand in which you were dealt cards and the house takes $.25 in rake – that is $5.00 on most internet poker tables “ The nice thing InterPoker Online Poker Site has a weekend promotion for $30.00 for 300 raked hands – and I can use the same raked hands for to clear my bonus – I knew this before I started. Take advantage of such offers – before you bonus whore – bonus hunt – PLAN know what is coming. Make the most of your poker time. To bonus whore efficiently – Get a Neteller Account – it is free quick and easy and you do not need to give out you SSN or credit card – you can authenticate you account by phone and if you are cashing out of a site with a bankroll built from free roll winnings – no need to even send them a check. P.S. Casino Bonus Whoring follows the Poker Bonus Hunting Sections…

Good Luck!!


100% Deposit Bonus Section

This section contains the sites with 100% Deposit Bonus – if it is listed here – I have gone through the entire process from deposit to cash out. There is a brief summary – poker site review – below each summing up the program.

InterPoker Online Poker Site – 100% Deposit bonus up to $90 – that is normal – but and you can see in April it was $100. Rake is defined as “ Any poker hand in which you were dealt cards and the house takes $.25 in rake – that is $5.00 on most internet poker tables “ you need roughly one raked hand for every dollar in deposit bonus – The Bonus is paid out lump sum – if you deposit you are committed to the raked hand requirement to cash it out. Another great aspect of this site – there is a reload bonus that is 100% as well every month!! – So you will see this online poker site listed in the reload bonus section as well. I use this free application to keep track of my raked hand on InterPoker Online Poker Site. Crypto Counter

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