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WebOS Blog Post Sparks Controversy


Controversy can be good, right? In the new generation of mobile where openness is an asset, you’re darn right it can be and the story out of Palm today is proof. Palm employee Andrew Shabanow posted a question on his personal blog asking developers what they’d like to see in WebOS. After a remarkable response, Palm took the issue internal, made the question a formal initiative and gave Shabanow a new responsibility.

Where else in the mobile world have you seen the input of 3rd party developers treated with such high regard? Android is the only platform even close as Apple have been a bunch of notorious nitpickers and even Google had its issues when a developer petition signaled a severe backlash.

Part of the problem is that people don’t distinguish between Andrew Shabanow the person and Andrew Shebanow the Palm employee, taking what he said to be “official” from Palm. When Palm caught wind of what had happened they ask that Shebanow remove his post. But after discussing it internally, they decided the feedback would be incredibly valuable and made two critical decisions:

  • To continue the discussion on the newly created Palm Developer Blog
  • To volunteer Shebanow for the position

The new discussion asks readers/developers/consumers their input in regards to these main areas:

  • Application installation and updating
  • Ecommerce (purchase, trials, coupons, etc.)
  • Security (code signing, testing, anti-phishing, malware, etc)
  • Browsing and searching for applications

Ahh… it’s amazing what a little openness can do, isn’ t it?

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