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Use Google AdWords to Inform Your SEO Campaigns by Facebook Marketing For Real Estate


Do you struggle to find keywords for your SEO campaigns that actually make you money? There’s not a lot of point becoming number 1 for a keyword and then realising that actually people seeking that keyword don’t convert into buyers.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, consider using Google AdWords temporarily to identify the best keywords to optimise your website for. The best keywords will be those that resulted in the most conversions in the past – whether this is sales received via an ecommerce website, leads for a B2B website, or subscriptions / signups.

Here’s how to do this:

Run an AdWords campaign on a few broad but relevant search terms for a short period – at least a week but ideally a couple of months (Using broad keywords gives Google the ability to find new related keywords that actually convert– some of which you might never have thought of!). A broad keyword within AdWords is just the keyword without parentheses or speech marks.

Bear in mind that this keyword discovery stage can be expensive, so also add in negative keywords to prevent losing money unnecessarily.

Ensure you have set up conversion tracking within AdWords by placing tracking code on the thank you pages of your website.

Run a search query report in Google at the end of your experiment to identify the converting keywords. You can do this within the keywords tab by selecting – See Search Terms – then All. Make sure you have set the date selector to All time.

You will now see a breakdown of all the keywords Google has found for you, along with impressions, clicks, and conversion rate.

Take out the top converting keywords and use these in your SEO campaigns!

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