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Togel Player Wins $1,000,000 at Oriental Casino


On Friday 19th January 2001, Susanne Uebler, 38, from Long Island, New York, was announced the Oriental Casino “Win a Million” million dollar prize winner. Her name was chosen at random from all the competition entries. She then correctly answered a trivia question over the phone on air on Mike Craig’s casinogazette.com online radio show to win the one million U.S dollars grand prize.

“I was shaking all over to hear Mike say I’d won the million,” said Susanne. “I think for a moment the whole world was shaking.”

Later she added, “I am still a little bit out of breath but as the reality sinks in, I’m a very happy person. I entered the competition without even in my wildest dreams believing I would be the winner of one million dollars.”

Susanne was born in Austria and moved to the U.S in 1994. She spends her time doing water sports and hanging out on the beach in the summer with her favorite companion, a baby parrot called Simba.

Oriental Casino is owned and operated by CyberCroupier Ltd (www.cybercroupier.com).

CyberCroupier says this is the first time anyone has ever won a million dollars in an online casino promotion. Payment of the prize money will be made in equal monthly installments of US$3,333 over a period of 25 years. The first payment will be made March 2001.

Chat Less, Win More

Isn’t it neat how so many online gambling services feature interfaces that enable you to chat with other players as you gamble?

Thanks to chat-enabling technology, you can log onto your favorite Internet casino or card room or bingo hall, saddle up to a table and strike up conversations with your “virtual” friends, almost as if you were sitting around the card table with a group of buddies. It’s very similar to using ICQ or Instant Messenger; simply type your words in the text box and hit enter. Some of the fancier ones let you post little icons, like smiley faces and the likes; some even let you select sounds to play to those at the table.

It’s fabulous! Chat about the game you’re playing, chat about current events in the news, chat about how wonderful it is to chat, and blah, blah, blah, blah…

And when there’s a lull in the conversation, have a look at your bankroll and notice how much it has shrunk.

This is because you devoted your attention to the conversation instead of concentrating on the game itself. If this is fine by you, and you feel that great conversation is the worth the price of making a few ill advised moves at the table, then chat away and, by all means, enjoy.

If you’re hell bent on winning, however, close the chat window and keep it all business. One of the great advantages of gambling on the Internet is the fact that you can eliminate all the distractions — crowds, noise, smoke, etc. — of a real-world casino and concentrate solely on winning at the table. This advantage is basically negated when you open that chat window. (The exception, of course, would be the case of any person who possesses brilliant multi-tasking abilities.)

Enabling gamblers to chat while they play is a great idea. It provides a sense of community and raises casinos’ player retention rates. It’s particularly successful for online Togel bingo parlors and poker rooms. And for the players, it makes gambling more interactive and consequently more fun. If you’re engaging in games that require no skill, I gladly endorse partaking in such entertainment.

If you’re all about winning, however, I recommend you save the chatting for the real world.



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