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Tribes and Topics

All conversations on TribeScale are divided by tribes, representing different teams from a company. Each tribe can divide its conversations by relevant topics in need to be attended.

internal communication tool

Chat with super-powers

The chat is full of features that will allow you to turn your words into actions. You can turn your messages into tasks and decisions, make ratings or highlight the most outstanding contributions.

TribeScale team management

Automatic questions

Create recurring questions that will allow you to obtain valuable information of your team. These questions will help you establish an improved reporting system, knowing the members’ motivation and improve processes continuously.

TribeScale team communication tool


In the dashboard you can take a look at the most interesting metrics from your team. For example: the advance of goals, the tasks status or the participation of all tribe members. Besides, thanks to its modular architecture, you can set it to better fit your team’s needs.

More features for your tribe

Other TribeScale features, designed to fit your team’s needs.

Sharing files

Share all kinds of files and documents with your team in just a few seconds.


You can generate and assign tasks to the members of your Tribe. You can also track their advance.


Make joint decisions swiftly and record them so all team if informed.


Highlight the most relevant conversations; keep them in the summary so everyone can easily access them.

Message Info

Wondering who read a certain message and when? In its info section you can find out.

Search engine

Use the advanced search engine to find any conversation from your Tribe in just a few seconds.

Encrypted communication

Communication between your team will be safe with the encryption system. Only you can access this information.


Establish team goals and visualize their status and progress at all times, until they’re reached.


Don’t forget a thing! You can create private notes on each Tribe to prepare your interventions and never forget a thing.


Sync TribeScale with your other tools thanks to the ability of integrating with some popular services.


Answer any message directly with the reply function. Your conversations will remain much more organized.


Like the most interesting interventions from your colleagues. Let them know you’re paying attention to their messages.

Niko Calendar

Track motivation and happiness of all team members thanks to the Niko Calendar questions.


Launch surveys and polls for your team members and get their opinion to make better decisions.

Important Messages

Have something important to say? Make sure everybody receives it asap through the pop-ups for important messages.

Minute sending

Customize and send records to people in your company who are not participating in the tribe, so they are aware of the most relevant matters.

Photos and videos

Share photos and videos with your colleagues and visualize them directly in TribeScale, without the need of other programs.

Share audios

You have something to share with your team but you can’t write it down? Don’t worry, record and share an audio in TribeScale.