4 Tools

to lead your team

At TribeScale we have analyzed the keys of successful teams and studied leadership gurus in order to create the perfect platform to transform your team into a super-team. And we have uncovered the following insights:

Clear direction and shared goals

Effective and transparent communication between all members

Agile coordination, clear priorities and accountability

Constant rhythm of synchronization and progress to promote alignment


Start working with your team based on goals and results. Define objectives, assign responsible members and track your progress easily.

Effective Communication

Say goodbye to inefficient emails and meetings, and start to centralize and organize all of your communications in one place thanks to topics, a group chat for your important conversations.

Agile Coordination

Bring the conversations into action by creating tasks and assign accountability and priorities as they arise; the most agile way of taking decisions and ensuring their execution.

Rhythm and Alignment

Create a rhythm of recurring questions that will help you gain valuable information from your team. These questions will help you establish a better reporting system, learn the motivation of your teammates, and continually improve processes.

Create your tribe in 3 easy steps:



Define the goal you want to achieve with your tribe (project, client, campaign…)



Invite to the tribe your key partners to achieve the purpose.



Coordinate better with your tribe by improving communication, synchronization and results.

Tracking of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

The method used by successful teams to create and track their goals.

TribeScale Goals
Qualitative objectives
Set your team direction creating inspiring goals.
Measurable objectives (Key Results)
Measure how you are going to meet your goal with quantitative objectives and key results. TribeScale will automatically ask you to update your goal status for an effortless tracking.
Assign responsible members to each goal to track their personal contribution to meet the target.
Check whether your team is 100% in sync with everyone and aligned with the objectives and priorities set.

Effective Communication

Centralize and declutter all of your teams’ conversations thanks group chats based around different topics.

TribeScale Effective Communication
Organize all your team conversations around topics, chatrooms open to any team member to help you communicate effectively.
Share documents and files easily with all your team.
Highlight important messages to keep and ensure easy access to all relevant information shared by your team.
Like and Vote
Easily like messages to give your approval and vote your preferences regarding different options.
Urgent messages
Send messages urgently to make sure everyone on your team receives and reads them.
Mention any member of your team to indicate the message requires their attention.

Agile Coordination

Bring the conversations into action by creating tasks and assigning accountability and level of priority.

tribescale coordination
tribescale coordination 2

Automatic Feedback

Create a rhythm of recurring questions that allow you to have everything under control effortlessly.

tribescale questions 2

And much more

The most complete set of tools to get the best out of your team.

Sharing files

Share all kinds of files and documents with your team in just a few seconds.

Task management

Create tasks and assign them to the members of your team to track their status and progress.

Direct messages

Quickly start a private chat with any member of your team and keep group conversations relevant.

Goal tracking

Set team goals, and track and share their status and progress at all times.

Message info

No more wondering who and when a message was read. Check message info at any time.


All your team communications are safe with the same encryption used by banks and online shops.


Highlight the most relevant conversations to guarantee an easy access from anyone on the team.

Polls and surveys

Launch surveys and polls to gather feedback from your team members and make better decisions.

Automatic questions

Establish a rhythm of recurring feedback with your team to make sure you stay aligned and in sync.

Niko Calendar

Track your team’s motivation and mood thanks to the Niko Calendar questions.


Start private and group videocalls to talk face-to-face with your team without connecting to other platforms.

Important messages

Have something important to say? Make sure everybody receives your message asap with our important message pop-ups.


A unique place to manage your team from anywhere.


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