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Palm WebOS: Reducing The Stress Of Running Late


Running late for a meeting, appointment or another type of engagement can be stressful. Whether you’re dealing with traffic, lost and trying to find your way or undergoing another extenuating circumstance it can be frustrating for both yourself and the person waiting for you.

Palm WebOS and the Palm Pre account for this and try to keep everyone in the loop, making happier family/friends/clients/partners/etc… by keeping communication and information open and flowing. Since the Pre knows your location via GPS, the time of day and your calendar of events… you guessed it… it knows when you’re running late, how far away you are from your destination and can notify the other party of your whereabouts, giving them advanced notice of your lateness.

This could be incredibly convenient especially considering waiting for people can be amazingly annoying. Had the person known you would be 15 minutes late perhaps they would have gotten a coffee. Instead, thye’re waiting for you thinking about how much they hate you for being late since they can’t get their coffee.

The Palm Pre gives them that 15 minutes, puts the coffee in their hand and keeps your client happy, ultimately helping you close the deal and make more money. That’s right, we said it. The Palm Pre is a money making machine simply by telling people you are late.

By the way, for those who are frequently late and love spouting out intelligent excuses that make everything okay… you’ll likely be able to turn the service off or customize it to fit your needs, so don’t fret.

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