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Palm Pre In June, He Said She Said

Through an interesting little web of “my dad’s friends’ nephews cousin” type following, we have found that the Palm Pre just might be destined for a June launch date. That’s not exactly the “First Half of 2009″ approximation we were hoping for but hey, the truth hurts. Now… as for how we got to this conclusion:

Check out the below video of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, being interviewed at SXSW:

To put Lacy’s credibility in perspective you should watch the whole thing… if you can. The very basics of humanity virtually demand that you become embarrassed and uncomfortable when watching this – even alone – due to the following elements. She practically gushes at him and her pitiful interview style, complete with the inability to ask questions, provokes boos from the crowd which she fully deserves.

Okay, so that’s Sarah Lacy… she writes for BusinessWeek, Yahoo! Finance and has a book out so she does have some level of credibility. Enter Sarah Lacey’s twitter account.

Apparently Ms. Lacey twittered that Sprint employees were already being trained with the Pre:

i honestly tried to bribe sprint employees to give me an unlocked pre. they’re all training on them! i know they h ave them back there

And later that Sprint employees told her it will come out in June:

sprint employees told me the pre doesn’t come out until JUNE! 

Perhaps she tried to ask them in a similarly awkward way to the Zuckerberg interview and they were merely entertaining themselves. I’m not sure. This is about as unofficially loose as rumors come since… you watched that video didn’t you?

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