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Palm Pre Battery: 1200mAh?


palm-pre-battery-lifeThe dashing new PalmWebOS has elegant animation, applications running in the background, status updates and lots of other goodies that will make it a leading operating system in the future of mobile. But remember, all of this takes computing power and as seen in the Apple iPhone and T-Mobile G1… it can really hinder battery life.

Palm has been mum up until about what battery the Palm Pre will use. In fact, they still aren’t saying anything but the folks at Pocketable.com caught a glimpse of the battery and said it was likely 1200mAh. PreCentral followed up saying they thought it was 1150mAh but either way it goes we at least know what ballpark we’re playing in.

That ballpark is in the same ballpark as the Treo800w and Centro. While those devices have decent battery life, we can probably assume that the Pre and WebOS will be more resource intensive than those devices. It will be interesting to see how well the Palm Pre fares in battery life tests compared to the iPhone and G1 after reviewers are allowed to play with it for more than a few minutes at a time.

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