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Macau on Togel track in January


A day after breaking ground on his Le Reve resort, Steve Wynn today disclosed plans to break ground on a casino in the Chinese island city of Macau in January.

Wynn said his interest in Macau was prompted by the massive market potential surrounding the Chinese resort city.

Fellow Las Vegas gambling entrepreneur Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Venetian resort on the Las Vegas Strip and its attached Sands Expo Center, was chosen by the Macau government along with Wynn to develop casino resorts in Macau.

While Adelson will target the huge market in China and all of Asia to bring conventions to his Macau casino resorts, Wynn appears to be more interested in the potential of developing Asian gamblers in Macau.

Wynn said in the casino at the only hotel that currently has Togel gambling, the Lisboa, 115 baccarat tables generate $1.5 billion in revenues every year and that demand is so great that the tables are constantly busy.

By comparison, all of Las Vegas’ baccarat tables generate $600 million in revenues a year, he said.

“The wait is four deep, every day of the year,” Wynn said. “That’s a casino with no shows and no special architectural features.”

Wynn said when he arrived in Macau to sign documents giving him a license to operate, many Chinese gamblers recognized him and chanted his name and the Las Vegas name.

That experience, he said, affirmed for him that the Chinese market is ready for a Las Vegas-style experience.

Thaksin’s nod for casinos if public agrees

BANGKOK – Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on Saturday indicated that he was ready to give the green light for casinos in Thailand if the public agreed.

‘Currently we are facing problems in completely banning gambling because there are many Thais and tourists who go out of Thailand into neighbouring countries for these activities. Moreover, the number of illegal casinos here and those of our neighbours has been increasing,’ he said.

Still, the Prime Minister said, this argument in favour of casinos was no reason to be hasty in drawing the policy.

The government needs to study the consequences of opening casinos and the perceived benefits for the tourism industry.

‘At this stage, we’re still seeking opinions from the public before making a decision,’ Mr Thaksin said.

Several foreign casino operators were interested in investing in Thailand, he said. It is one of few countries in the region where casinos are illegal despite receiving almost 11 million foreign tourists a year.

In addition, one of the government’s key economic policies is to promote the tourism industry, so investors from abroad are keen to explore opportunities here.

Most of these foreign firms are large-scale operators of gaming and gambling establishments from Las Vegas, Australia and Africa.

‘However, don’t quote me by saying that the premier is in favour of allowing casinos to open in the country. It all depends on public opinion. And we’re not in a hurry,’ Mr Thaksin said.

Tourism and Sports Minister Sonthaya Khunplerm said that the government had asked a House committee to examine the pros and cons of a casino policy and the effects on the economy and society.

Provinces suitable for casinos will be asked to conduct public opinion polls and forward the feedback to the government.

‘We do not want to have just gambling. There should be other forms of entertainment such as games and shows,’ Mr Sonthaya said.








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