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Judi Bola Gaming Club Casino – Review


The Gaming Club – click hereThere are casinos, and then there are FUN casinos. In my travails through the Strip of the Internet, I came across a place which is fun, fast, and pays winnings promptly. The Gaming Club Casino is a licensee of Microgaming, and has attracted thousands of fun-seeking players to its establishment.

The Gaming Club Casino was also where the second-largest CashSplash jackpot was hit for $136,774 by one of their players. Wonder if he did it with the $25 no-risk bonus they were giving out at one time… now, the bonus is $10 but with your first deposit of $50 they give you an additional mystery bonus of up to $500!

Well anyhow, I sat down to play Judi Bola blackjack as usual, not being particularly fond of slots or the other games. Surprisingly enough, it took me just about half an hour to run $25 to $100, upon which I cashed out.

So you ask “How long did it take you to get your winnings?” Well, I can happily answer that the wire was in my account within a week – certainly one of the faster ones I expect to see. Support staff responded in good time to inquiries. And the wire didn’t cost me a cent – Gaming Club Casino uses Proc-Cyber Services for transactions.

The Gaming Club Casino, as with other Microgaming operations, provides access to a full audit of your play through Playcheck, and a record of all your deposits and cash-ins through Cashcheck. I know other operations are audited and guaranteed, but I really love the ability to check records myself.

Another wonderful innovation here include the Jester’s Cash Back Club, where you earn 1 point for every $10 played, and a cash-in of 1,000 points will get you $10 as a bonus – not much at first glance, but even in my short stay there I probably crossed 100 points. This is not the best on the Net – some places allow you to cash 100 points – but it isn’t bad at all – after all, it costs you nothing!

Heck, Chester might even throw some money your way if you recommend a friend – once a month Chester gives a lucky player $250 for recommending a friend. You can earn up to three chances each month.

The only things I think they could improve on are additional promotions and innovations – but this does not take away from the fact that The Gaming Club Casino is a friendly, fun, fantastic place where you might even win something for nothing!




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