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Getting Aggressive Playable Ads in Driving SEO Traffic


When you have a fully functional website that is ready to accept visitors, you have flick the switch and start your marketing right now. You can start off basic by spreading advertisements in forums, social networking sites, and other public areas. But you can’t be staying with these strategies forever. Eventually, you will have to go aggressive in driving SEO traffic so you can attract a much larger amount of visitors that may very well be looking for a type of website that your site happens to offer. Even if you started off early with basic SEO traffic attracting tips like article marketing, you can crank things up a few levels by trying heavier SEO tactics.

Extra Keyword Research

If you want to get more serious in bringing SEO traffic to your site but you do not want to learn any new skills right now, you can simply do more keyword research than usual. It is easy to think of workable keywords for your website especially if it falls within a common niche. But these common niches happen to be very competitive making it more difficult for you to top the search results. This where additional keyword research can be really helpful. Start by using a keyword tool to analyze the contents of your website. Keyword tools like the Google AdWords tool can recommend keywords based on your text. It will also show you how many results the keyword generates on Google so you can determine which keyword phrases need more frequency. Try entering these keyword phrases on Google yourself to see the difference in results. The idea is to use keywords that still have commercial value but are not as competitive.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can bring a lot of benefits to your site including SEO traffic and Playable Ads benefits. RSS feeds come in the form of text after all and they have their own unique address locations so search engines can better index your content. If you are managing a blog, you won’t have to worry because blogs have their own RSS feeds. Otherwise, you can use various online RSS tools that can accurately generate Rss feed links that you can add to your page. A lot of people rely on feed readers like Google Reader so they can access updates to a site immediately. Therefore your site updates can get a lot more attention if you bring lots of SEO traffic and place an RSS link to your site.

Video Marketing

Video marketing doesn’t sound like an SEO traffic generating technique since search engine bots do not watch video. But the sites that allow you to upload video let you add titles and descriptions. This is how video search functions like the one in YouTube work and these search features happen to be used quite often. Use your webcam or various video editing tools like Windows Live Movie Maker to generate quality content that can complete your website. You can make a small commercial or just a simple promotional animation to convince more people to dive into your website. Uploading the video to various video directory sites can attract more SEO traffic from these specific sites.



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