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FTOPS 8 Event 11 was a $1000+$60 No Limit Hold’Em tournament, the second largest buy-in in the FTOPS, with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,500,000.  The event, hosted by Nick Shulman, drew 1593 players creating an ending prize pool of $1,593,000 with a 1st place prize of $342,495.

The event drew a plethora of FullTilt sponsored professionals but only three made it into the money.  Ultimate Fighting Championship announcer Bruce Buffer just made it into the cash finishing 160th for $1911.60.  PearlJammed finished 115th for $2150.55 and HuckleberrySeed finished 50th for a cash of $3265.65.

Notable finishes include DontBluffMePLZZ aka Jerry Vanstrydonck, a ISF interviewee, who finished 6th in the tournament taking home $68,499.  Daut99, Ryan Daut, who won the 2007 PokerStars Carribean Adventure for over $1,500,000, finished 10th for $13,301.55.  Chip Reese’s nephew CrazyZachary, Zachary Clark, winner of the FTOPS 6 Main Event finished 33rd for $4,460.40.

After many hours of play the tournament was whittled down to the  꽁머final table.  Going in MR RUBBIES was the chip leader with 1,586,762.  Halfrek was second with 1,530,328 and third was Nemo12345 with 1,331,778.  Fourth, fifth, and sixth were r4ndomr4gs, DontBluffMePLZZ, and btmorita with 1,038,171, 923,045, and 495,227 chips respectively.  And rounding out the table were buttsauce33, former FTOPS champion Klausen, and huey680 with 425,150, 354,984, and 257,065 respectively.

After a bit of play at the final with the blinds at 17000/34000 with a 4000 chip ante MR RUBBIES raised on the button to 102,000 and buttsauce33 called all-in for 89,944 and DontBluffMePLZZ also called the 102,000 raise.  The flop was a two-tone A22 which left both DontBluffMePLZZ and MR RUBBIES to check.  Turn was a 7 of hearts which was also checked by both players.  The river was a 10 of hearts and DontBluffMePLZZ lead out for 30,000.  MR RUBBIES folded leaving DontBluffMePLZZ to take down but the main pot and side pot with 10′s and 2′s sending buttsauce33 home with $22,302.

Later with the blinds at 20000/40000 r4ndomr4gs would raise it up in the cutoff to 99,500 and btmorita shoved from the button for his stack of 404,974.  It was folded around back to r4ndomr4gs who would eventually call with pocket 8′s to the AQ of clubs of btmorita.  The flop was K73 bringing no salvation to btmorita.  The turn 10 gave bt a gut-shot but when the river came an 8, r4gs had a set and bt was gone in 8th for $31,860.

Nemo12345 went home in 7th in a standard coin flip, where his pocket 6′s couldn’t hold up against the AQ of MR RUBBIES.  Nemo took home $44,604.  DontBluffMePLZZ was fairly short UTG when he shipped it for 591,961 with Q9 and was called by huey680′s pocket 8′s. It was another coin flip but this time DontBluffMePLZZ hit the flop with a KQ2 two-tone.  But, a runner-runner heart flush sent DontBluffMePLZZ packing but not before winning $68,499.  With the blinds at 50000/100000 MR RUBBIES was by far the shortest stack of the five remaining.  When his blind grabed about a third of his stack he was forced all-in with 45 and the J2 of Halfrek would prevail.  MR RUBBIES took fifth for $95,580.  With Halfrek in a commanding lead and r4gs getting shorter by the second, r4gs shoved for just over $560,000 with K2 and was easily called by the A4 of Halfrek.  Halfrek’s A on the turn left r4gs drawing dead and he would go home in 4th for $127,440.

When it was down to the final three Halfrek was too much for the short stack of Klausen.  Klausen’s K5 all in stood very little chance against the K6 of Halfrek.  The flop and the turn though brought both a flush draw and up-and-down straight draw for Klausen but a Q of clubs on the river send Klausen to the rails with a third place finish and $160,893.

Halfrek had over a two to one chip lead on huey680 heads-up.  Huey’s stack continued to get shorter when he eventually showed with A7 after a flat call from Halfrek.  Halfrek called the shove with KQ.  A K on the turn was the end for huey680 and he finished second for $216,648 leaving Halfrek as the champion taking home $342,495.

All players who cashed are as follows:

1      Halfrek      $342,495.00

2     huey680     $216,648.00

3     Klausen     $160,893.00

4     r4ndomr4gs     $127,440.00

5     MR RUBBIES     $95,580.00

6     DontBluffMePLZZ $68,499.00

7     Nemo12345     $44,604.00

8     btmorita     $31,860.00

9     buttsauce33     $22,302.00

10     Daut99         $13,301.55

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