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Art For All, All For Art And Diamond Painting


www.justcalendars.com.au is an online art shop, established with the sole aim to make good quality, affordable paintings accessible to everyone.

Paintings can do a lot of things – they can make you laugh, they can reduce you to tears, they can transform a house into a home, they can make you ponder and some rare ones can change your life.

As the American artist Georgia O’ Keefe said, “I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”  The colours and shapes that make up paintings express the inexpressible; they can be intensely contemplative and at the same time bring in beauty, warmth and individualism to any space they grace.

No wonder then, that good paintings generally are quite expensive.  However, these expensive prices often form an unsurpassable gap between an art lover and a beautiful piece of art.  Our online art shop endeavours to bridge this gap. About Diamond Painting

There are several factors that set our online art shop apart from other similar ones.  The paintings for sale in our art store are:

  1.  Affordable:  With hard-to-beat prices, our paintings will satisfy the art lover in you at a price that you can afford. The low costs our online art shop paintings feature do not in any way indicate that the quality of our paintings is lacking. These reduced prices are due to three reasons: no gallery overheads, no commissions and minimal advertising.
  2. Hand Painted:  All the paintings for sale in our art store are hand painted as opposed to digital printed. Hand painted images tend to have a distinctive human feel to them.  And because of its handcrafted nature, each painting has subtle variations from another adding to its unique qualities.
  3. Easy and Secure to Purchase: Our online art shop is easy to use. You can browse through our quality art selection and choose the painting that fits your needs. When you pay by PayPal you know that it’s faster, easier and more secured.  Not only that, we have the VeriSign Trust Seal so you know you can trust our website and the transaction. Paintings big or small are delivered right to your door.

What are your thoughts about the art you see on www.justcalendars.com.au? Browse through our online store to find beautiful paintings that are right for you.

Art has been a huge part of our world since the beginning of human life. It is here to add beauty to our lives, as well as to tell stories about a particular time period, the people or things in a particular region, or to express the feelings that we all have inside. Without art, the world would be lacking a certain voice; it would be flat, dull and lifeless.

Because art is so important to human life and culture, we believe that art should be available to everyone. All people should be able to reap the amazing benefits of beautiful artwork. That is why we have started this site; to offer affordable art to art lovers of all levels. We strive to make works of art that enhance and enrich people’s lives available to everyone and we do so by selling these pieces at prices that will not break the bank.

We also want to not only offer our customers a variety of paintings that are well-priced, but that are also made with good quality standards. The paintings that we sell are 100% hand painted and done by professionals who take the time and care to present a beautiful piece that will last for years.

There may be galleries across the globe that sell art at astronomical prices, but our site is not one of these places. We take pride in offering everyone magnificent paintings that are intricate and created with love. We believe that the essence of art is that it should be available to everyone; Art for All and All for Art.

We offer truly unique paintings to fit a wide range of personal styles. Take the time to browse some of our beautiful handmade paintings that will work for any budget and will let you showcase your own personal eye for design and style.


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